Minecraft Caves & Cliffs: Part 1 Update Gets a Release Date

After many previews and several Snapshots for Java players to try out, the first Minecraft update containing the new Caves & Cliffs content officially has a release date. Caves & Cliffs: Part 1 will release on June 8th, a date which will see it in Minecraft players' hands in just one week. The update is free and is releasing for all Bedrock and PC versions of the game including Java, so if you've got Minecraft, you're getting the update soon.

The Caves & Cliffs content, as its name suggests, expands the rocky crags of mountains and the depths of those landforms and other caves the ground's surface. The many Java previews led to the big pre-release update for the first part of Caves & Cliffs just last week which suggested that the actual update itself wasn't far behind. We now know it's coming sooner rather than expected since it originally only had a Summer 2021 release window for the first update.

Inside of those caves and cliffs players explore will be some new creatures to look out for. The axolotls, for example, will be added in this update as well. A mob from Minecraft Earth known as the "glow squid" will similarly be added to the game.

As for the blocks themselves, the Minecraft team said players can expect plenty of new additions to the game when the Caves & Cliffs content releases. A previous update on the matter said there'd be up to 91 blocks added, in just the first release, and while no more specific number was given, it still sounds like there will be a lot for players to check out.

"And what would a Minecraft update be without blocks? This round, there's plenty of them," a preview of the new update said. "Some of them will just pop up in the world, while others might be a bit trickier to discover. If instant gratification is your thing, then you can always switch to Creative mode, where you can access them all, from amethyst to dripleaves, and the highly anticipated copper block!"


If you're wondering why this is a two-part update and not just one release, Mojang opted weeks ago to split the content into two updates so as not to rush anything. The first will come out on June 8th while the second will release sometime during the holidays.