New 'Minecraft' Update Removes References Of The Game's Controversial Creator

Many have wondered for awhile when Minecraft developer Mojang would further distance itself from [...]

(Photo: Microsoft)

Many have wondered for awhile when Minecraft developer Mojang would further distance itself from the game's creator Markus "Notch" Persson. Well, it finally has. In a new update, Mojang has canned all mentions of the controversial visionary in the game's opening menu splash screen, which used to make numerous references to Notch in pre-written messages, but not anymore. That said, while Persson has been removed from the splash screen messages, he does still remain named in the credits as the game's creator.

More specifically, Minecraft's latest snapshot, in other words its latest development build, has made changes so that references, such as, "Made by Notch," no longer pop up. Why Microsoft and Mojang have decided to do this, remains unclear, but it likely has to do with how controversial Notch has become since he left the company he helped create in 2014. What's he controversial for? Well, nothing in particular. Rather, the controversy around the developer seems to simply stem from some of the believes he holds.

At the moment of publishing, there's been no official statement released by either Microsoft or Mojang on the matter, but Notch himself did chime in when interacting with a fan on Twitter.

Of course, the response from the game's community has been somewhat divisive, though it appears the majority of Minecraft players either haven't seen the news, don't care, or don't know who Notch is. Only a minority of people seem to be debating the decision by Mojang and Microsoft.

However you may feel about Notch and some of his opinions he shares on social media, there's no denying the controversy around him, and it's no surprise a company as big as Microsoft and a game as big of Minecraft want to distance themselves from all of it. And when you consider Minecraft is largely marketed as a family-friendly game for all ages, it's even less surprising.


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