MLB The Show 21 Rated for PS5 and PS4

MLB The Show 21 ratings have been spotted ahead of a tease for news about the game, but the [...]

MLB The Show 21 ratings have been spotted ahead of a tease for news about the game, but the ratings were only listed for two different platforms. The game was rated in Brazil for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 which wouldn't normally raise any eyebrows since it's expected to release this year and the franchise has only been on PlayStation platforms in years prior, though those who've been keeping up with news about the games will recall that there's a chance this release could come to other platforms as well.

The Brazilian ratings for the game were first spotted by Gematsu and are mostly uninteresting except for the platform information. The nature of the annual release meant another one was already expected this year and, with the PlayStation 5 out for around two full months now, it makes sense the game would come to that next-gen platform as well.

Ratings like these are usually pretty uninteresting unless they're leaking a game, but this one is interesting because there's still the question of whether this game will come to the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms as well. It was announced at the end of 2019 that the MLB The Show collaboration between MLB and Sony Interactive Entertainment had entered another multi-year extension to create more games, but the much bigger news was that the franchise would now be coming to consoles other than just PlayStation.

"In addition, the historic expansion of the long-standing partnerships will bring MLB The Show, for the first time ever, to additional console platforms beyond PlayStation platforms as early as 2021," the announcement said. "Complete details will be announced at a later date."

The key part of that announcement was the established timeframe of "as early as 2021." That means that MLB The Show 21 could very well be the first game from the franchise that's releasing on non-PlayStation platforms, but that hasn't been confirmed just yet.

Either way, we're likely to have an answer about the planned platforms for the game soon enough. The official MLB The Show Twitter account teased not long ago that there'd be more news to share in February which almost certainly deals with the release of the next game. Whether it'll be confirmed for additional platforms then or just the PlayStation ones remains to be seen, but we'll likely find out next month.