Modder Makes the Nintendo 64 Library Portable

Portability has been a big deal for Nintendo fans since the original Game Boy's release back in 1989. Since then, fans have been asking for more games to play on the go. Of course, this reached a new height with the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, and that particular system features a number of games previously released on NES and SNES. Unfortunately, Nintendo's handheld hybrid has a surprising lack of games released during the Nintendo 64 era, for whatever reason. Enter the N64 SP, created by modder GmanModz. The modded device allows players to enjoy Nintendo 64 titles wherever they please.

What's so interesting about the mod is that it doesn't just emulate the Nintendo 64 library: it actually allows players to slide their classic cartridges into the unit to play! In the video, the N64 SP can be seen running Super Mario 64, Pokemon Snap, 1080 Snowboarding, and several other games. Since the N64 cartridges are quite a bit bulkier than those of the Switch or Game Boy, it stands to reason that they would give the unit a bit of heft, but that could vary as some N64 cartridges could be noticeably heavier than others. The design of the system is meant to evoke Nintendo's Game Boy Advance SP, though the clamshell clearly takes influence from Nintendo 64 cartridges. The system's battery life is about two hours on a charge.

It truly is amazing to see the ingenuity of the modding community. Modders have come up with some truly amazing concepts over the last few years, particularly as YouTube and social media have allowed them to connect with one another and share different programming tricks. It's also allowed them to share their unique designs with the rest of the world, and it's just another way that gamers have been able to connect through their passion.

While the design is of the N64 SP is certainly fun and unique, fans will have to try to create one on their own, if they want one. Sadly, that's the only way to get one, though GmanModz does provide a bit of detail on how he was able to make his in the video.


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