Monster Hunter World Players Reportedly Losing Saves After Iceborne Release

Capcom just released Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on the PC this week to give players a frigid new area to explore complete with more monsters and other features. Instead of hopping straight into the new expansion though, some players found that their saves had been completely deleted. That’s the kind of blow that would keep someone from jumping into Iceborne immediately if they new they had to grind their way back up to where they were before, and while it’s unclear what the root of the problem is, Capcom is looking into it.

Reports of lost save data first began surfacing online after the expansion released on Thursday for PC players. It’s been reported that the expansion has numerous other bugs for players to content with, but losing all your progress would by far be the most egregious of problems.

Players took to the game’s subreddit to lament about their lost data and were met with responses from others in the community who said it had happened to them as well. Others on social media complained of the same problem while some were fortunate to avoid having it happen to them.


PC Gamer reported that a Capcom representative acknowledged the issue and said the problem is being investigated. A tweet shared from the Monster Hunter Twitter account said “performance issues” had been reported and were being investigated, though there was no mention of save data being wiped.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is now available as the game’s latest expansion. You can find out more about the content included in the expansion here along with details on future updates. Capcom will likely address the save data wipes in the future after the problem is investigated.