Monster Hunter XX Switch Trailer Releases, Supports Crossplay

Not long after Capcom announced through the Monster Hunter Twitter account that Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross would soon be coming to the Nintendo Switch, the company quickly followed up on the reveal by dropping a trailer for the Switch version.

The trailer, shown above, shows some of the gameplay that players can expect from the console version as well as some more details about the game.

One of the first things you might notice about the trailer is the graphics. While the Switch version of the game does feature a visual update, it doesn't look remarkably different from the Nintendo 3DS version as far as graphics are concerned. But frankly, it's just nice to see the franchise return to consoles instead of handhelds, even if it might not be making full use of the Switch's potential here. The game will feature a 1080p resolution when docked and a 720p resolution when handheld.

It looks like Capcom has no plans of leaving the 3DS version behind, either, as the trailer also revealed some details about how the Switch version would work with the 3DS version. Players will be able to continue playing online with friends across both platforms as the new Switch version will allow for online crossplay. The crossplay seems to only be available for online play, but those playing on strictly the Switch will be able to connect up to four consoles together for online or offline play. Saved data is also a flexible part of the new game in that players can swap their save data back and forth between the Switch and the 3DS.

Monster Hunter XX for the Switch is currently set to be released on August 25 in Japan. Unfortunately, there's not any word at this time about when we can look forward to a Western release of the title.


Not long after the announcement of the new Monster Hunter title, Nintendo was reaping the rewards of the franchise's history even before the game actually went on sale. The company experienced a massive increase of $2 billion in market value in just one day after simply announcing the game.

More information about Monster Hunter XX for the Switch will hopefully come during E3.