Monsterpocalypse Board Game Coming to Kickstarter

Privateer Press and Mythic Games have announced plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a new set of Monsterpocalypse products, including a multiplayer expansion that allows for co-op and three and four person play for the very first time. Privateer and Mythic Games will team up to produce a new two-player core box, as well as a new multiplayer expansion that comes with an oversized board game-style map that allows for both co-op and competitive games with three or four players. The multiplayer expansion will also come with five new Apex monsters - Defender Extreme, Arctic Armodax, Mega-Gorghadra, the Insatiable Yasheth, and Nightmare Gallamaxus.

As its name suggests, Monsterpocalypse is a miniatures skirmish game that's all about giant monsters fighting each other. Each player builds an army that consists of one or more kaiju-sized monsters and smaller units and then battle them in a cityscape or another map with structures. Each monster has two forms - an initial Alpha form and a more powerful Hyper form that the monster enters when they take a certain amount of damage. The rules of the game are simple - the player who loses all of their monsters loses. Monsters in Monsterpocalypse range from standard Godzilla-esque kaiju to massive robots to Cthulhu-like creatures to just about everything in between.

Because of its unique aesthetic, several studios have tried to adapt Monsterpocalypse into a movie. Dreamworks picked up an option for a Monsterpocalypse movie back in 2010 with Tim Burton attached to direct. That project died in part due to the release of Pacific Rim. In 2016, Warner Bros. won the rights to the franchise in a "bidding war" between studios, but no progress about a movie has been heard of since. 


Mythic Games, the co-producer of the new Monsterpocalypse line, is best known for its elaborate miniatures games. Earlier this year, Mythic Games successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund a board game adaptation of Darkest Dungeon, with fulfillment expected next year. Expect more news about the Monsterpocalypse Kickstarter later this fall.