More Details Emerge On Next Week’s Starcade Marathon On Twitch

Next week, it’ll be like we’re going back to the 80’s (and no better time for it, whew) as [...]

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Next week, it'll be like we're going back to the 80's (and no better time for it, whew) as Twitch and Shout Factory TV are prepping their forthcoming marathon of the hit game show Starcade. We reported the news on this marathon some time ago, but we've got some new details on what you can expect from the marathon, as well as when it officially begins!

The marathon will kick off on August 28th at 11:00 AM PDT, and will run all the way through September 3rd on the official Shout Factory Twitch channel, with over 120 episodes of classic gaming goodness to partake. The fashions! The stand up arcade machines! And you can't ever go wrong with Geoff Edwards.

Alongside the episodes will be a number of interstitials and game introductions by Geek & Sundry hostess Erika Ishii, along with glimpses behind-the-scenes from the show. And this will mark the first time that a lot of the episodes have been seen in over a decade to boot.

"In syndication from 1982 to 1984, Starcade was a groundbreaking game show where contestants competed in classic arcade video games, such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga and Centipede. It aired on WTBS (now TBS) and, as the first of its kind, it set the stage for future video game-themed TV series and served as a platform for introducing new arcade games to consumers. The show was hosted by Mark Richards and Geoff Edwards, created by the partnership of James Caruso and Mavis E. Arthur, and produced by JM PRODUCTION COMPANY," the company noted in its press release.

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If you ever wanted to see where the history of video games stemmed – or where arcade games were the most popular games back in "the day" (aside from the Atari 26500, of course), then you'll want to consider this your history lesson. The Starcade marathon will be a lot of fun, leading into Shout Factory's forthcoming revamp of the series, which should come sometime next year.

So be sure to tune in and see all (well, most – several days is a lot to go through) of the Starcade action, and see just how many players can attain a good Donkey Kong high-score in a matter of minutes!