Mortal Kombat 11 Players Are Worried About Kung Lao's Game-Breaking Update

A new change to Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate has fans terrified about the future of the game's online multiplayer system after YouTuber The Kompetitor post a video of an interesting Kung Lao discovery. The video shows Kung Lao players using an infinite combo, and though it is not an easy feat to accomplish, it is basically unstoppable and could be a game breaker. Now players are scared that Kung Lao fighters will exploit the move in the online mode. But because the infinite combo is extremely difficult to pull off, it's unlikely that many gamers will encounter Kung Lao opponents that will be able to utilize the move.

As The Kompetitor notes in the video below, the infinite combo involves the character's "Possessed Hat" move. The move has enough hit advantage that it actually allows players to link Kung Lao's jab move immediately afterward. The reason it's tough to pull off though is because it's a one frame link. As a result, it requires very precise timing, which is likely going to be too much for most players to pull off online. However, if you can manage it, your opponent can literally do nothing about it.

Below, you can check out the infinite combo for yourself:

It appears this infinite combo has only become viable courtesy of the new patch. Whatever the case, it will need to be addressed and fixed, but, at the moment of publishing, NetherRealm Studios hasn't acknowledged the issue. Of course, it will eventually be patched out of the game, but at the moment, it's still in there for all Kung Lao players to possibly exploit. In other words, until then, be wary while playing Kung Lao players. Right now, not many players know about this infinite combo, but that should change very soon.

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