Mortal Kombat Movie Now Live on HBO Max

Plenty of people may opt to watch Mortal Kombat in theaters or in IMAX to get a big-screen experience, but for those who want to watch from home, HBO Max is your only option. Thankfully, you won't have to wait to see the movie since it was always scheduled to release there on the day it launched. It's been added to the service straightway and right on schedule, so if you got up early Friday morning to watch it, there's a good chance you'll actually be able to catch it before most people who head to the theaters do.

You won't have to look for the movie long once you hop into HBO Max on whatever device you're using either. Simply log into your HBO Max account, and just as we saw with Godzilla vs. Kong and all other major releases that go straight to the service, Mortal Kombat is up and center and will likely be the first thing you see.

The catch, as indicated by the official HBO Max Twitter account above, is that the movie only sticks around in HBO Max for a while. You'll have 31 days from the theatrical release of the movie – so 31 days from April 23rd – to watch the movie before it's removed from the catalog. That means you don't have to watch it today, but you've definitely got to watch it within the next month or else you'll be paying to see it.

Thankfully, there's no limit on how many times you can watch it there, so if you've got a favorite fight you want to see again or want to watch over it once or twice more to make sure you didn't overlook any Easter eggs, you're free to do so.


Before you watch Mortal Kombat, however, you might have some questions about the movie that you want answered before you see what the reboot has to offer. What's the deal with the new protagonist? Who's Raiden, and why doesn't he ever historically fight as much as others? We've got answers to those questions and more in our latest installment of ComicBook CRAM where we're focusing totally on the Mortal Kombat movie with explainers, opinions, tons of interviews, and more. You can also check out our review of the movie before or after you watch it yourself to see if your opinions line up with our own.