Mortal Kombat Opening Scene Is Bar Setting Says Writer

The past couple days have finally brought about the new details we’ve been waiting for in regards to the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie reboot. Not only have we finally started to get a look at some images directly from the film, but we’ve also received confirmation that iconic fatalities will also be present to some degree. Now, one of the writers of the movie has continued to hype things up even more, especially when it comes to the opening scene.

Mentioned on Twitter recently, Greg Russo, who is one of the writers of the Mortal Kombat screenplay, expressed that the movie’s opening scene is downright awesome. “You have no idea,” Russo said. “All I can say is the bar for opening scenes has been set.” It's quite lofty for Russo to claim that Mortal Kombat can match up to any other movie's opening sequence, but that just tells you how much confidence he has in what has been created.

If you’re wondering what the opening scene of Mortal Kombat might center around, well, we actually already know. The film’s first 10 minutes or so are said to feature a fight between Hanzo and Bi-Han. If you don’t recognize these names, you might know each better as Scorpion and Sub-Zero. This fight between the two kicks off the events of the movie and sees both locked in a duel that transpires before either accumulates their abilities.

The best thing about what Russo has expressed is that it sounds like Mortal Kombat won't be pulling its punches whatsoever. Longtime fans of this franchise are definitely looking to see hand-to-hand combat fast and often in this movie and the fact that it starts out with a scene that is being hyped up this much is exciting to say the least. Hopefully, everything that has been said by Russo and others ends up living up to expectations.


If you can’t wait to watch Mortal Kombat for yourself, you fortunately don’t have too much longer left to wait. The film is set to hit both theaters and HBO Max in just a few short months on April 16, 2021. While we have yet to see a trailer for the movie, it stands to reason that we should be getting one in the near future.

Until then, you can continue following all of our coverage related to Mortal Kombat right here as we approach its release.