Ryan Reynolds Addresses Mortal Kombat Rumors With Mint Mobile Ad

Now that Mortal Kombat is finally in theaters and on HBO Max, fans of the series are already [...]

Now that Mortal Kombat is finally in theaters and on HBO Max, fans of the series are already looking towards the next movie. Many fans want to see Ryan Reynolds play Johnny Cage in the sequel, and it appears the Deadpool actor is well aware of that fact! On Twitter, the actor posted an ad for Mint Mobile with his face on Johnny Cage's body from the games. The ad features Cage (as "Mint") having performed a flawless victory over "Big Wireless." It's a great way to address the rumors, while also adding a bit of fuel to the fire!

The ad can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Linden Ashby's take on Johnny Cage provided a lot of the humor in the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie, and many fans were disappointed to discover the character would not appear in the reboot. Josh Lawson's Kano provided the comic relief this time around, but fans are eager to see Cage return. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. The end of the Mortal Kombat reboot sees Cole Young on a quest to enlist Cage in the tournament, so the character seems to be a priority moving forward.

Reynolds would seem to be the perfect casting for Cage, given his sense of comedic timing and his background in action movies. He also starred in 2019's Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, so he also has some history playing video game characters. A lot of people seem to be vying for the role, including WWE star The Miz, but it remains to be seen who might take on the character if and when a sequel gets the greenlight from Warner Bros. Pictures.

For now, fans of Reynolds and Johnny Cage will just have to look at the ad above as some good-hearted humor and nothing more. Still, it is promising that the actor is aware of the rumors. It just might mean he has some interest!

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