MrBeast Sues Burger Partner Over "Disgusting" Food

MrBeast is suing the company he partnered with for MrBeast Burger.

MrBeast is suing the company he partnered with for his fast food chain, MrBeast Burger. Over the last few years, as delivery apps such as Uber Eats and DoorDash have risen in popularity, there's been a rise in a new type of restaurant: ghost kitchens. These are essentially kitchens that are operated to sell various branded types of fast foods, typically associated with celebrities or big brands such as NASCAR. MrBeast was one of the first big names to attach themselves to ghost kitchens, allowing restaurants to sell fairly standard food with brand recognition through these delivery apps. However, it started to cause problems as MrBeast Burger was heavily criticized for its poor food quality which ultimately led to MrBeast opting to shut down the incredibly popular fast food chain.

Now, MrBeast suing the company he partnered with to bring MrBeast Burger to life. The company, Virtual Dining, is responsible for a number of ghost kitchen brands and is at the center of MrBeast's lawsuit. Per Bloomberg, MrBeast AKA Jimmy Donaldson alleges that Virtual Dining was more focused on rapid expansion and trying to appeal to more celebrities than focusing on the quality of its food. Donaldson also alleged that complaints labeled the food as "disgusting," "revolting" and "inedible," and his own complaints "fell on deaf ears". Donaldson also noted that Virtual Dining used his likeness and other registered trademarks without his permission on social media. He also claimed his company has not been paid any money for this venture. 

It's unclear what will come of this, but the ghost kitchens trend has become a more prominent thing in recent years and customers are becoming more aware of it. YouTuber Eddy Burback posted a video earlier this year detailing how a lot of these ghost kitchens actually provide the same exact food and the only real difference is the brand associated with it. Whether or not anything notable will happen to Virtual Dining remains to be seen.

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