MrBeast Passes PewDiePie On a Major Milestone

MrBeast has officially passed PewDiePie its total channel views on YouTube and entered the Top 45 most-viewed.

In terms of gaming and entertainment channels, MrBeast and PewDiePie have been among the most popular on YouTube for quite some time now. PewDiePie has certainly been in the game a bit longer, but over the last few years, both channels have continued to find incredible growth on the platform. Today, it was revealed that MrBeast has now surpassed PewDiePie in the important "most-viewed channel" rankings, grabbing a spot in the Top 45 of all channels on the platform. Considering most of the channels above MrBeast are celebrities and kids' music, it's an impressive milestone for MrBeast and his team.

To get to this point, MrBeast obviously needed a big month to bring in tons of views. Fortunately for the channel, June 2023 was his second-highest month ever in terms of views gained. As noted by MrBeast_Stats on Twitter, the channel posted a daily view average of 46.33M views/day. That's an eye-popping rate, especially when you consider that MrBeast only posts a few videos every month, meaning they all need to hit to get those numbers.

Fortunately, MrBeast's brand of over-the-top videos consistently do just that, helping him generate an enormous number of views per episode. It's also worth pointing out that PewDiePie has been on a hiatus since late June, which means he's not consistently putting out content, giving channels like MrBeast the chance to catch up. That, of course, doesn't take away from MrBeast's accomplishment, but it will be interesting to see if PewDiePie is able to eventually jump back above MrBeast if and when he comes back to YouTube.

Either way, it's a staggering number of people out there watching both channels. It's hard to see either of them making it much higher into the most-viewed channels with that chart being so dominated by celebrity musical acts and children's music at this point, but with how often YouTube changes its algorithm you never really know. Regardless, it'll be fun to see these two channels continue the race for viewers if PewDiePie decides to come back to YouTube in the near future.