MrBeast Is Giving His Twitter Revenue to Whichever Fan Has the Most-Liked Reply

Recently, Twitter implemented a change that has been long in the works by owner Elon Musk. Now, users who meet specific requirements can earn ad revenue as traffic drivers for the platform. Since the program was implemented last week, we've seen some users posting that they're taking home six-figure paychecks from Twitter. One of the most prominent content creators that's sure to be bringing in quite the payday is YouTuber MrBeast. Considering how massive his audience is, it wouldn't be surprising to hear that his ad revenue from Twitter is the largest on the platform, but he's announced that he won't be pocketing that money himself.

In a move that fits right in with MrBeast's usual playbook, the creator has announced that he will be giving his Twitter revenue away to whichever fan can get the most-liked comment on his tweet from July 14. MrBeast is known for doing giveaways in his YouTube content, so this feels like a natural progression for his brand. Twitter users have 48 hours to reply to the tweet and whoever can get the most likes will get all of the money he's made via Twitter for a full month. 

Obviously, we can't know exactly how much money that person will get, but he did recently reveal that he received over $25,000 from the platform. He's certainly done larger giveaways on YouTube in the past, but this one should still be worth checking out since you don't have to do much to have a chance. That said, the tweet does have 93 million views and over 250,000 comments as of this writing, so your chances of winning are likely pretty small. 

If you look through the comments, it does look like many people who have already received a substantial number of likes are pledging to donate the money to a good cause. Of course, there are plenty of other types of comments, but it's nice to see many looking to spread the wealth to less fortunate communities. Either way, this is yet another massive giveaway stunt from MrBeast, using his huge audience and net worth to make at least one Twitter user very happy.