MultiVersus' New LeBron James Fighter Can Recreate Iconic NBA Finals Meme

LeBron James is now in the Warner Bros. fighting game, MultiVersus, and he has a move that recreates the iconic 2018 NBA Finals meme. Last week, it was confirmed that LeBron James would be coming to MultiVersus. Many were taken aback by the news given the game features the likes of Batman, Superman, and Bugs Bunny duking it out. There are even absurd moments like the Iron Giant fusing with another Iron Giant to absolutely annihilate characters like Tom and Jerry. So, why is a massive basketball star in the fighting game? Because he was the star of Warner Bros' 2021 film, Space Jam 2: A New Legacy. So, of course he fits right into this absurdly chaotic video game.

When LeBron James was added to MultiVersus today, players began experimenting with his move set. It was quickly noticed by Mark Julio on Twitter that if the player gets rid of the basketball LeBron James spawns in with and then holds the button for a basic attack while in a neutral position, he will charge up a push. This will shove the enemy out of the way and send them flying through the air a bit. The animation for it, however, is the exact gesture LeBron famously made during the 2018 NBA Finals. For those who don't recall, the Cavaliers were tied against the Golden State Warriors in the final seconds of game one of the NBA Finals. LeBron's teammate, JR Smith, had the opportunity to shoot the ball and end the game, but didn't because he thought they had the lead. When the game was sent into overtime, LeBron through his hands outward in both confusion and fury while yelling toward JR Smith. This error ended up costing the team the first game in the finals.

So, yes, you can relive one of LeBron's most famous moments in MultiVersus and even use it as an attack. The animation even shows LeBron shouting some kind of swear word, though it's censored out in a speech bubble. It's a very fun touch and one that highlights the incredible humor in the game.

MultiVersus is now in open beta on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. What do you think of this LeBron move? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.