'My Hero One's Justice' Has a 20-Character Roster

My Hero One's Justice is bringing together characters from the anime and manga to the series' first fighting game, a game that currently has a roster of 20 My Hero Academia fighters.

If you caught any gameplay videos of My Hero One's Justice that were shown at E3 like the one further down from Funimation, you might've noticed that the game's character selection screen showed 20 different spots for characters' icons. This indicated that there would be that many characters playable once the game launches in October, but with several of the spots greyed out since Bandai Namco's demo didn't represent every character, there were questions regarding if there'd be more room made for characters once the game launches. While there's still a possibility of having extra characters later on, we asked Bandai Namco at E3 about the plans for the launch roster and can confirm that the plan is for the game to release with 20 playable characters.

"Currently we have 20 planned playable characters," said Bandai Namco associate brand manager Randy Le. "Most of them you'll recognize from the show if you're current and up-to-date, so you'll see some of the characters from the later half of Season 2 to the current season that it's in right now."

The news of the character plans lines up exactly with Le's other statements about how the game ties in with the anime with Le explaining that you'll see events from the same timeframe in the story mode.

Many of the characters have been revealed through Bandai Namco's Twitter account in the past with character cards and trailers shared for My Hero One's Justice, but not all 20 have been revealed yet. All for One, for example was shown at the end of the trailer at the top, a teaser that fueled speculation about if you can play as him from the get-go, if you had to beat the game's story mode first, or if you could even play as him at all. We asked Le about All for One as well, but the Bandai Namco rep said that we'd have to stay tuned to the publisher's social media channel for more information.


It's not uncommon for fighting games to expand their rosters post-release with DLC that adds new fighters, be that content free or paid, so we asked Le if there were any plans to add more characters as standalone purchases or through a season pass. Le shared the same response as when we asked the All for One question and encouraged everyone to stay tuned to Bandai Namco's social channels.