Myst Documentary Launches on Kickstarter

A new documentary all about the video game Myst has launched today on Kickstarter seeking $200,000. Myst, if you're somehow not aware, is a 1993 adventure puzzle game developed by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller at Cyan, and it kicked off a slew of sequels including Riven, Uru, and more. The documentary is directed by Philip Shane and is based on extensive interviews with both brothers and others. As of writing, it has raised nearly $26,000 on the crowdfunding platform.

"They called us geeks. They called us nerds. One thing that makes us geeks is obsession and passion for details -- for systems, for stories and for genius," Shane's introduction to the Kickstarter campaign reads. "We are compelled to solve these puzzles and to explore these worlds. If you know what I mean, I think you have a sense of what this movie is about."

According to the Kickstarter campaign, a good chunk of preliminary filming has occurred, but the funds secured through crowdfunding will allow Shane to complete primary filming as well as delve into archival materials over the next several years. The goal is to ultimately produce something worthy of the game itself by telling its origin story as well as showing off the present era of the developer.

The Myst Documentary is raising funds from now until 30 days from now on Kickstarter. While several updates to various games in the Myst series have occurred in recent years, the last truly new Myst game, Myst V: End of Ages, released in 2005. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Myst gaming franchise right here.


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