NBA Playgrounds Gets Enhanced Edition On Nintendo Switch

NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds released last year, and what could've been a loving homage to the classic NBA Jam turned into something else entirely – a game laden with flawed gameplay and troublesome glitches, especially over on the Nintendo Switch.

But it appears that the developers are trying to make up for lost time, as they have just released a special Enhanced Edition of the basketball game for Nintendo's platform – with a few key improvements.

This new release serves as a full replacement download, instead of just an update to the current game. Those players that previously purchased the game will be able to download it at 100 percent off its price (free), while others need only pay about $9.99 if they're curious to check it out.

The developers made note of the stuff that's been added to this Enhanced Edition, and some basketball fans will be thrilled with it. "The new upgrade includes all of the free post-launch content that has been released so far on the other platforms. This includes over 100 new players from different eras (including Tim Duncan, Julius Erving, Steve Nash, and Manu Ginobili), second team jerseys, a three-point contest mode with online play, revamped rebounding system, and more!"

It also made note that the game's saves can be carried over from the previous version of Playgrounds, you just need to make sure you don't delete the data when you're removing the old game from your Switch.

Another thing worth noting is the decrease in size for the game. The original Playgrounds clocked in at around 9.6GB, whereas the Enhanced Edition is much smaller, clocking in at 7.6GB.

The Enhanced Edition can be found in the Nintendo eShop now, and, again, if you previously purchased the game, this new edition is all yours to download.

We haven't played the new edition just yet, so it's too soon to tell if the developers fixed the problematic gameplay. However, with all this promise of "enhanced" features, we can only hope that it's finally become the basketball game that they've touted it to be.


There's no word yet if the Enhanced Edition will hit other platforms, but we'll keep you informed.

NBA Playgrounds is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.