Need for Speed Unbound Celebrates 75 Years of Porsche with Volume 4 Speed Pass

Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 4 ups the ante for Porsche lovers with new Speed Pass.

Need for Speed Unbound launched last year to relatively tepid reviews and sales, but developer Criterion Games has been supporting the game with quite a bit of post-launch content. In fact, Volume 4 of the Speed Pass is set to launch on August 16, and it will include an update that will make Porsche fans very happy. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the classic car manufacturer, Need for Speed Unbound is including one of its newest models, the fully electric 2022 Porsche Taycan Turbo S, alongside the Speed Pass.

As with past Speed Passes, Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 4 includes several levels for players to grind through as they race around Lakeshore. To keep with the Porsche theme, this pass has 75 ranks to blaze through, and you'll pick up the 1997 Legendary Custom Porsche 911 Carrera S at rank 50. If you want the Taycan Turbo, you'll need to work through the special Porsche Playlist three times. Remember unlike some battle passes, this is all free content, meaning the only thing you'll need to do to earn it is play the game.

Alongside the Porsche-specific playlist, there's also a Gauntlet playlist, which will put you up against what Criterion is calling "the most determined cops" Need for Speed Unbound has ever seen. Once you've racked up enough plays to the Taycan, it'll be worth checking this playlist out if you want to farm XP to finish the Speed Pass and get all the rewards. Of course, it'll be important to pay attention to Need for Speed Unbound's socials during Volume 4 as various events will get a random boost, giving you easy ways to get quick XP if you're running behind.

Need for Speed Unbound is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. We also know that, even though Criterion is supporting it quite heavily with seasonal content, it seems like the next game in the franchise is already in the works. Of course, that game is likely still in the early stages, so there's still plenty of time to enjoy Unbound before the team moves on to the next one.