Netflix Job Posting Is Looking to Hire a Witcher

Netflix has a neat tie-in with it’s The Witcher show that’s found in an unlikely spot: The company’s job listings page. If you head to Netflix site where the company posts all of its jobs it’s looking to fill, you’ll find that the streaming platform is looking for an “Associate Witcher.” The job is filed away in the “Security” category and calls for someone who’s a “self-motivated, results-oriented lone wolf.”

The job listing that’s seen here looks like any other old job listing with its description of the job’s responsibilities and what kind of applicant Netflix is looking for except everything here is pulled straight from the world of The Witcher. There’s talk of slaying monsters, carrying two swords, and being “able to lift several hundred pounds overhead repeatedly.”

“With over 190 countries, Netflix has a global footprint so contracts could take you many places,” the job listing said. “You’ll be protecting 158 million members who enjoy everything from TV series to documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. The freedom and responsibility culture will enable you to determine the monsters you agree to slay and how you choose to do it. We’ll provide you with excellent training and support and plenty of opportunities for upward mobility.”

Amid all the other details of the job, the listing also has a clever nod towards the contract-taking lifestyle that Witchers take on. It says a Witcher’s reputation will precede them which, if you’ve read the books, played the games, or watched any part of the first season on Netflix, you’ll know is true.

“Contract only; benefits are that you’ll find your reputation precedes you into each new town and village,” the listing continued. “Healthcare is available if you know the right spell. Accepting of the contract will void any standing, pending, or ensuing Law of Surprise. First project begins December 20 with many more to follow.”


There’s also some talk of submitting a one-minute video application that might be featured on social media, though it looks like that window might’ve already passed given that the first season has already been out and watched by tons of people.

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