New BioShock Game Gains Far Cry, Ghost of Tsushima Writer

The next BioShock game from developer Cloud Chamber gained a new writer this week with game developer Liz Albl announcing on social media that she's now working on the game. Albl will be the narrative lead on the game (which many are simply referring to as BioShock 4 at this point since it doesn't currently have a name) and has credits prior to this on titles like Ghost of Tsushima and more than one Far Cry game.

Albl announced her new role on Twitter with a post saying "the dream is real" while confirming her new position at Cloud Chamber, a developer which was formed to create this new BioShock game.

The most recent game Albl's credited on was Watch Dogs: Legion in a writer position. Prior to that, she worked on Ghost of Tsushima and Far Cry 5 as well as Far Cry 4 and its Valley of the Yetis DLC as a writer on each of the projects.

After being formally announced back in 2019, precious little has actually been said about the new BioShock game between then and now with most of the more interesting things remaining unconfirmed. Those include reports supposedly shedding light on the game's setting as well as its connections to other BioShock games.

What we do know, however, is that Cloud Chamber is a totally new studio formed to work on this game. It's comprised of newcomers to the series like Albl, and job listings for the new BioShock game have been the source of speculation time and time again as players try to figure out what this new game will look like. We also know that while new people are naturally being brought on to work on the game, Cloud Chamber still has BioShock veterans on the team, too.

"Cloud Chamber is hard at work on the next entry in the critically acclaimed BioShock series," the 2K-owned Cloud Chamber studio said. "Our team consists of veteran BioShock developers and expert game makers from other mind-blowing titles, and together we're going to create worlds that you'll want to experience."

Cloud Chamber's new BioShock game does not yet have a release date.