New Donkey Kong Game for Nintendo Switch Rumored to Be in Development

A new Donkey Kong video game for Nintendo Switch is rumored to be in development. Over the past year, there has been a whole lot of talk about Nintendo's famous ape and what he could be doing next. At this point in time, 2014's Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze remains the most recent mainline Donkey Kong game that has released on a Nintendo platform. And while DK has spent such a long time away, it sounds like we could be hearing more about his next adventure before too long. 

Mentioned in a recent podcast from Nate the Hate, who has previously had scoops associated with upcoming video games, a new Donkey Kong title was mentioned to be in the works at Nintendo. However, outside of this simple confirmation that Nintendo is developing said game, Nate didn't have much more knowledge on the subject. He stated that he's not sure if it's meant to be a 2D title or a 3D title, and also went on to say that he's still uncertain about the possibility of it being revealed and released this year. "I've looked into it and I can't really get any clarification on it," he said of the next Donkey Kong game. 

The one important piece of conjecture that he did add, however, tied back in Super Nintendo World, which is Nintendo's theme park at Universal Studios in Japan. At this time, a new Donkey Kong section of the park is being built and is set to open in the future. Nate hypothesized that this new Donkey Kong game for Nintendo Switch could somehow be associated with the theme park that Nintendo is currently creating. While it's uncertain how these two projects might intertwine with one another, this could be the reason why Nintendo has yet to announce this new Donkey Kong game just yet.  

Again, it's worth stressing that all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt. While it seems likely that Nintendo is creating a new Donkey Kong title for Switch, until the company formally announces said game, it's hard to know exactly what should be believed here. 

That being said, how what kind of Donkey Kong game would you like to see from Nintendo in the future? Would you prefer a game that takes place in a 2D or 3D setting? Let me know down in the comments or you can message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.