New God Of War Info Details Relationship Between Father And Son


We've still got a little while to wait before the new God of War is released for the PlayStation 4, but that isn't stopping game director Cory Barlog from providing new details about the game, as he did during a recent podcast over the weekend.

While on the podcast, Barlog, who also serves as a writer on the project, explained some details in regards to the relationship between the aged Kratos and his young son, Atreus, who tags along for the journey and helps out on occasion.

It turns out that Atreus tagging along isn't such a bad thing for the big guy, as he proves to be a lot more crucial than anyone could ever expect. He's actually useful when it comes to resolving certain puzzles in the game, since he's savvy in the field of magic incantations. His summons can actually help Kratos out in his time of need, even if he's not so swift with a bow and arrow (at least, not yet, anyway).

On top of that, Barlog also made note that Atreus can actually implement his magic not only with puzzles, but can also make it work with other people in the game, so that they can help out Kratos as well. Barlog didn't provide any specific examples regarding this, but it seems like Atreus can enlist others, even if they aren't likely to be the greatest of allies, should the situation call for it.

And there's no limit to whom you can use your magic on apparently. It could just be one person when it comes to solving a puzzle, or even an entire army of allies, who you could call upon to help bring down a much bigger enemy.


The podcast has more details, so be sure to give it a listen. But it's nice to see that Atreus can actually do his father some good, instead of just standing by and letting Kratos do all the work. Which makes us wonder…would co-op work in a game like this? We can't help but wonder.

God of War will release sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4. An exact release date hasn't been confirmed just yet.