New King of Fighters XIV DLC Character Teased for EVO Japan 2018

(Photo: SNK)

A new playable character for King of Fighters XIV is making their official debut at next year's EVO Japan, according to the official SNK Twitter account. Along with having a booth located in Ikebukuro during the event, the new playable character will be available to try out for the first time.

While fans have been expecting the Saudi Arabian fighter who resulted from a recent design contest, it looks like this character might very well be someone we already know, if the teaser is any indication. Fans are currently debating between whether Oswald or Ash Crimson will be joining the fray, given Oswald's connection to slight of hand with cards and Ash's "Joker" theme song. The storyline currently has Ash trapped somewhere in a time vortex, so setting him up for an entrance in the next DLC might be in the cards, so to speak.

Anyone who happens to be heading to EVO Japan 2018 can find the SNK activation and try out the new game by heading to the Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan Building. The booth, which will also be selling exclusive merch, will be located in exhibition hall B on the fourth floor.

The King of Fighters XIV is out now.