New League of Legends Runes Will Come With an Updated In-Game HUD

League of Legends Rune UI2
(Photo: Riot Games)

The new runes coming to League of Legends will also be shipping with an updated in-game HUD interface to help players keep track of the runes that they've brought into that match.

While the Runes Corner updates usually reveal a handful of runes and their innovative ability's this week's announcement instead focuses on the user interface that the runes will be housed in during each game. Much like the way that players can currently check their in-game stats next to their champion's portrait, the new HUD spot for the runes will display a different stat-filled menu.

"The runes panel is a new part of the HUD UI that you can use to remind yourself what runes you brought with you into game and track your performance with them," Riot Sparkle said regarding the HUD changes. "It shares space with the advanced stats panel, but savvy power users can use the already existing 'C' hotkey to view both panels at once if desired."

The screenshot provided by Riot Sparkle that's seen below gives a bit of a better indicator as to what the rune display will look like in-game. It's pretty similar to the basic stats panel that's already available, players having the option to toggle between the two panels by clicking on their corresponding icon. By displaying advanced stats like players can do now by holding down the "C" key as a default, the info on the runes will be pulled up alongside the advanced stats panel.

League of Legends Rune UI
(Photo: Riot Games)

With six runes having their info displayed in each panel and many of the runes having multiple effects or stats that need displaying, it can get pretty cluttered in the panel. That's why players will be able to hover a rune to see all kinds of additional relevant information in an expanded screen, much like hovering over an ability now.

The post-game screen will also be changed to reflect which runes players bring into each game, but all of the changes and HUD modifications are currently very work-in-progress and will certainly look different after the update.



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