The New Nintendo Switch Model Could Be Handheld Only, Analysts Say

A new analyst piece has gone up on GamesIndustry International with some bold predictions for the new year. Not only do some analysts believe that the Nintendo Switch will dominate in 2019, but it'll do so with the help of an unlikely business model.

Nintendo Switch

It was hinted at last year that Nintendo was working on a revised version of the Switch, though it didn't elaborate just what it had planned yet. The article indicates that the latest model will focus more on being a traditional handheld, shying away from the "Switch" aspect that it was initially built upon.

Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Industries, believes that the company is working on said handheld Switch model for a much-less $199. "I expect the device to have the same screen, but with Joy Cons built into the body and no docking station. Since it can't 'switch' from handheld to console, it's hard to guess what they will call it, but let's assume Game Boy (kidding)."

It would be an interesting move on Nintendo's part, to say the least, and the new price point is sure to be appreciated by some. Still, wouldn't it technically not be a Switch anymore?

There's also the Nintendo 3DS market to consider. Though not as hot-selling as the Switch is at the moment, the little handheld has sold millions of units and is still getting some great games this year, including a re-release of Bowser's Inside Story next week as well as Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, which is due for sometime this spring.

Further into the article, Dr. Serkan Toto with Kantan Games, who has spoken quite a bit about Nintendo on the Twitter front over the past year, had his own thoughts. While he also believes we'll be getting a "Lite" version of Nintendo's system, there's also the possible new "Pro" model to consider.

"While the 2019 Switch Pro has been already reported to be in development by the Wall Street Journal, I also think Nintendo will offer a Switch Lite (or just keep the current version at a lower price) to cover the lower end of the spectrum and offset sinking 3DS sales," he explained.

He also believes third-party software will begin increasing to boost Switch sales even further. "In tandem with hardware revisions and an increasing install base, I am expecting a lot more games from third-party developers in 2019, starting in spring. At least one new game from the mega-franchises owned by EA, Activision or Take-Two will launch on Switch."


There's a lot to unpack in this report, which you can read more of here. But it sounds like Nintendo has some big plans ahead over the next few months. Hopefully by around E3, or maybe sooner, we'll see what it has planned hardware-wise.

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