Report: New ‘Persona’ Game Announcement Could Be Imminent

While Persona may not be the biggest selling series on the gaming market, it has an avid [...]

While Persona may not be the biggest selling series on the gaming market, it has an avid following, between releases like Persona 5, the just-released Persona dance games, and the announcement of Joker being added into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate early next year as a downloadable character. But some big news has been brewing about a remixed version of Persona 5 coming, based on a few domains that have been filed.

Persona 5

Fan site Persona Central has recently reported on a number of registered sites, including the following:

  • P5B.Jp
  • P5M.JP
  • P5S.JP
  • Persona5B.JP
  • Persona5M.JP
  • Persona5R.JP
  • Persona5S.JP

These come right after the previously registered "P5R.JP" popped up online before Christmas.

The registrations weren't done by Persona publisher Atlus, but instead a company called Ryu's Office; though that has been associated with Atlus-based franchises in the past, including the three Persona dancing games that came out last month.

There are a number of letter orientations with Persona 5, suggesting a possible director's cut or, as many fans are hoping, a potential Nintendo Switch port to go alongside Joker's debut in Smash. They've been rather nuts for it since the character's announcement at The Game Awards earlier this month; and while Nintendo didn't confirm a port, it didn't necessarily deny it either.

Atlus has made no comment on these registered sites and likely won't anytime soon since it's the holidays. So take this story with a grain of salt for the moment.

That said, however, a Persona port for Switch wouldn't be out of the question. It's been performing reasonably well in Japan and in the U.S.; and the Switch has been popular in those markets. Combine the two together and, well, you could have magic.

Nintendo may have a Direct special coming up to kick off 2019 to go alongside the release of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, which arrives on the 11th of January. We'll see what comes of that in the weeks ahead.

For now, if you want to see what the Persona series is all about, check out Persona 5 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.