New Pokemon Snap Gets a Twitter Emoji

New Pokemon Snap now has its very own Twitter emoji to celebrate the game's upcoming release. Nintendo of America announced that fans who used the hashtags "#NewPokemonSnap" or "#PokemonSnap" on Twitter would see a Meganium emoji appear in their tweet. Meganium is one of the featured Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap and seems to play an active role in the Lumina mystery at the heart of the game.

As we're just over two weeks away from the release of New Pokemon Snap, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have slowly released new footage and information about the game. While we noted in our preview that New Pokemon Snap would have branching paths while traveling through different regions, The Pokemon Company recently confirmed this information in a 6-minute informational video released last week. The Pokemon Company also released several small clips showing Magikarp rather disturbingly getting snatched up by various Pokemon, assumably so the Pokemon could eat it.

New Pokemon Snap will have the same goals as the original Pokemon Snap game, only with a lot more content. Not only does the game feature over 200 Pokemon, there's an updated scoring matrix, several new online features, and plenty of new mysteries to explore. As players progress through the brand new Lentel region, they'll be able to choose between different routes, each of which can be "leveled up" to reveal new paths and secrets. Players will also have access to Fluffruit, a Melody, and Lumina Orbs that cause Pokemon to glow at night.

New Pokemon Snap will be released on the Nintendo Switch on April 30th.