Unannounced 'RuneScape" Action RPG In Development

The peak of Runescape's popularity is long behind us, but the world's largest and most updated [...]

(Photo: Jagex)

The peak of Runescape's popularity is long behind us, but the world's largest and most updated free MMORPG is still kicking, and apparently not going anywhere anytime soon.

Since the game launched back in 2001, it has seen over 200 million players and countless updates. The game has since even come to iOS and Android devices with full cross-play compatibility. And apparently there was still such a hankering for classic Runescape that developer Jagex eventually released a separate "Old-School" version of the game for the more nostalgic types, or the people who prefer their Runescape as pure as they remember.

That said, it appears Jagex is once again digging into the Runescape well, but this time for something different. According to a new employee LinkedIn page, a new action RPG based within the IP is currently in the works.

More specifically, the resume of Nathan Richardsson, the Executive Producer of said unannounced project, reveals the previously unknown details.

Richardsson, who has been with Jagex since October, has the following on his Linkedin: "An unannounced Runescape Shared World Action Role Playing Game." As you can see, Jagex is unsurprisingly not changing everything up, and will continue the series' shared world structure.

Interestingly, an Action RPG would a bit of a departure for the series and its traditional combat system, and could mean the series will finally come to console. While Runescape has never seen like a great fit for console gaming, action RPGs are much more common on consoles, so it's possible this new project won't just be limited to the PC. But, who knows.

Back in 2017, Jagex announced a new partnership with Improbable to use its fancy cloud-powered SpatialOS tech that is particularly great for large-scale games with online functions. Further, while speaking to GamesIndustry, CEO of Jagex, Phil Mansell, confirmed that the studio is working on a next-generation MMO. That would seemingly be this title, however, it's possible that could be something else entirely.

Whatever the case, we likely won't be hearing about the game for awhile, especially if Richardsson's joining of the studio is any indicator. Plus, Jagex certainly can afford to takes it time.

Thanks, Wccftech.