New Valorant Agent Leaked

A new Valorant Agent is being teased by Riot Games on the tactical shooter’s Twitter account. Some images related to parts of the Agent’s kit showed someone working on a laptop, some sort of weapon, and a tiny robot with German text captioning the photos, but no explicit details about what the character can do were provided. If you’ve been keeping up with the leaks and hints about what’s to come in Valorant, however, you may already have a good idea of who this Agent is and what they’ll be capable of.

The teasers for the new Agent can be seen below as they were shared by Riot Games via the official Valorant Twitter account. The collage of images showed off some parts of the character’s kit without giving away everything. It’s clear from the teasers this new Agent will have an emphasis on hi-tech gear and abilities.

For those who want to see the reveal of the new Agent fresh and without any spoilers, you’ll have to wait until Riot pulls back the curtain on the new character. But for those who don’t mind the spoilers or have already seen something or another about the character, you can check out some of the supposedly leaked abilities below.

Based on the leaks, the new Agent’s name is Killjoy. That idea’s reinforced by the image with the robot which sure does look like it says “Killjoy” in the background written in neon lettering.

The video below shows what the Agent is said to be capable of. Abilities like “Alarmbot” and “Nanoswarm” as they’re called in the video certainly reinforce the technological aspect of the character.


Killjoy’s Lockdown ability appears to be an impactful one if what’s shown in the video is indeed how the move works. It “detains all enemies caught in its radius for about 3 seconds,” according to the video, which sounds like it means those Agents won’t be able to leave the area it covers until it’s been destroyed or its effect expires. It also heavily impairs their movement from the looks of the ability.

These abilities and their effects were leaked via the official Valorant site before they were taken down, so it looks like this is indeed the new Agent we’ll be getting as well as the abilities Killjoy will have. Riot has not yet officially revealed the character, but that should come soon now.

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