New Warcraft Game Teased by Blizzard

A recent announcement about the future of Warcraft from developer Blizzard Entertainment includes an interesting tease for an as-yet-unrevealed Warcraft video game. While the big news for many might be that Blizzard intends to reveal the next expansion for World of Warcraft on April 19th, and Hearthstone is set to reveal a new expansion next week, there is a small little tease at the bottom of the announcement that whatever Warcraft mobile game that the developer has been cooking up over the years will finally be revealed in May.

"Beyond World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, we're preparing to get the first game in the Warcraft Universe designed for mobile into your hands," the official announcement about the future of the Warcraft franchise states. "We will tell you more about it in May."

While the announcement that a Warcraft mobile game will be revealed in May might surprise some, there have been indications that Blizzard Entertainment was working on some kind of mobile title for the franchise for years now. A report from late 2018 by Kotaku claimed that, at least at the time, there was some kind of Warcraft mobile game in development that was similar to Pokemon Go. Additionally, given the announcement of Diablo Immortal, the mobile Diablo game, years back, the fact that a Warcraft mobile game is on the horizon makes a lot of sense.

As noted above, there are a number of announcements set for the Warcraft franchise and its various video games over the next couple of months. New Hearthstone expansions will start to be revealed on March 15th, the new World of Warcraft expansion is set to be announced on April 19th, and whatever the aforementioned mobile game set in the world of Warcraft will seemingly be revealed -- if not released -- in May. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Blizzard Entertainment in general right here.


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