New World: Here's When the Amazon Game's Servers Go Live

New World from Amazon Game Studios has been heavily-anticipated by a lot of MMO fans, but its release is nearly upon us! The game's official release date is September 28th, but players might not be aware exactly when New World's servers will go live. For those chomping at the bit to get started, the game's developers have revealed specific launch times for all of New World's various regions. As such, there shouldn't be any confusion regarding time zones! According to the game's official website, New World will go live at the following times:

  • 8AM CEST EU Servers will launch (9/27 at 11pm PT)

  • 8AM BRT South American Servers will launch (9/28 4am PT)

  • 9PM AEST Australian Servers will launch (9/28 4am PT*)

  • 8AM ET NA East Coast Server will launch (9/28 at 5am PT)

  • 8AM PT NA West Coast Servers will launch

New World's beta attracted strong interest over the summer, with more than 200,000 concurrent players at one point on Steam. While that would seem to bode well for the game when it launches tomorrow, it's worth noting not all of the feedback has been positive. Several prominent streamers were unimpressed with the game's beta, most notably Asmongold. The MMO streamer called the game "dysfunctional," "broken," "laggy," and "not ready." Meanwhile, streamer Summit1g said that the combat looks "basic" and "boring," but this opinion was based on streams of the game, as opposed to first-hand experience. It's possible that Amazon Game Studios has been listening to feedback from MMO fans like Asmongold and Summit1g, but those comments came just a few months ago, and game development takes a lot of time.


Hopefully, New World's launch will prove an exciting one! It's been a very long wait for players, but an end goal is finally in sight. We should know soon if was worth the wait! In the meantime, readers can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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