Next Dragon Age Game May Not Be What You Think

BioWare's Dragon Age series is one that has a fanbase to rival that of their popular Mass Effect trilogy. Because of this, rumors and speculation is always on the rise. When the developer team confirmed that a new Dragon Age was in the works, players went wild to find out details. After the events of Inquisition's final DLC, Trespasser, Thedas-lovers all over couldn't wait to suit up and head out to Tevinter as the ending suggested. Turns out, our trip to the Magisterium might be put on hold a bit.

It's very possible that the next installment, though still on the way, will be a spin-off. Creative director Mike Laidlaw once again took to his Twitter account to give a little insight into what's to come.

"DA4 is not confirmed. Trespasser is canon, he said in addition to his initial statement that "There is a Dragon Age" project happening. It's not confirmed as the fourth main game in the series. Many sites have run with that rumor."

Though it seems like a clear direction, Laidlaw does have an infamous streak against gaming media outlets and it is possible that this is another misdirect. However, the man in charge is the the go-to contact and whether or not the next title is the fourth installment or a spin-off remains to be seen.

Regardless of what the next step is, there are two games potentially plotted out for the Dragon Age franchise with tons of surrounding media for the series. The comics and novels alike bridge the gaps in between games, while providing backstories on well-known characters that were previously unknown.


No set announcement has been made for the next Dragon Age, but with Anthem currently remaining the main focus; it might be awhile before we see that official reveal.