A New Ni no Kuni Is Now In Development

There's a new Ni no Kuni game already in development, more specifically a third entry in the RPG [...]

There's a new Ni no Kuni game already in development, more specifically a third entry in the RPG series that will be the biggest entry yet. The confirmation comes way of Level-5 president Akihiro Hino -- via Japanese magazine Nikkei -- who noted it will release after the movie hits theaters in Japan on August 29. Unfortunately, no further details have been divulged, but Hino noted that the game, combined with the new movie, is part of plans to make the franchise much bigger.

In addition to the new movie and a third game, Level-5 also has Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered coming to PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch in September. Well, the remaster of the role-playing game classic is coming to PS4 and PC in September, Switch owners are simply getting the original version.

As you will know, the most recent release in the series came last year, and while it isn't loved the same way the first was, it was pretty good and an evolution for the series.

"It's rare to see a game attempt so many things and actually pull them off with grace," reads a snippet from our official and glowing review. "After tens of hours of play, I struggle to think back to my time with Ni no Kuni II and isolate something that stands out as a shortcoming or flaw. Level-5 set out to offer players a sweeping story filled with interesting characters, engaging real-time combat, and some innovative strategy and management elements for variety, and it succeeded at every turn. While the cuddly fairy-tale coating may turn off more hardened gamers, we'd admonish you not to miss out on what will ultimately be looked back on as one of the best RPGs on the PS4."

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