Ninja on His Masked Singer Experience: "I Was Terrified"

The Masked Singer revealed the identities of several of its contestants last night with one of those being someone wearing a blue, smiling ice cream mask. It turns out that the singer under that costume was none other than Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Fortnite streamer who found his success with the battle royale game on Twitch before making the move to Mixer. Ninja commented on the opportunity to be on the show after the fact and said it was the scariest thing he’d ever attempted and that he’d continue moving outside of his comfort zone.

For those who didn’t watch last night’s episode of the celebrity-filled game show, you can see Ninja’s unveiling in the video above along with some behind-the-scenes discussions about the performance. Ninja described the experience as “a little stressful” and said he’d never done anything like this since he wasn’t a singer. Even though he’s got a ton of people who watch him play Fortnite and other games on livestreams, he said he’d overcome one of his biggest fears by doing this.


In the moments leading up to when Ninja was revealed on the show, the streamer had been teasing people on Twitter who suggested that he was under the ice cream mask. He shared a tweet after his identity was revealed to talk more about the experience. Looking back on the clues which were given ahead of the reveal, the hints make much more sense knowing the singer’s identity.

The reveal of Ninja on the show announced him as a gamer, Fortnite streamer, and Twitch superstar, and while those are all true, those who follow the streamer will know that he’s now on Mixer instead. Ninja announced his plans to move to the Microsoft-owned platform at the start of August. When he appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show to talk about the move, he mentioned in an interview that he had some other things in the works that would be appearing on different screens, one of those possibly being the recent Masked Singer appearance.

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