Nintendo 64 Classic Rumored To Be Announced Today

We’re just about under an hour away from the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct special, which will solidify the roster for the forthcoming fighting game and possibly give us an idea of what downloadable content could be on the way. But that might not be the only announcement that Nintendo has in mind today.

Nintendo 64

A new report from Gaming Intel suggests that, at the end of the Smash Direct, we’ll finally get an announcement that will confirm the Nintendo 64 Classic.

The system has been in talks for the longest time, with rumors popping up left and right, along with patents suggesting that Nintendo was hard at work on the plug-and-play system.

Considering that both the NES and SNES Classic systems that were released previously sold well over 10 million units for the company, this business move simply makes sense. The Nintendo 64 is one of the company’s biggest selling systems, clearing out over 33 million units in its lifetime.

Plus, bringing it back now would be a huge move for Nintendo when it comes to multiplayer games, especially if it comes with the four player controller ports and, hopefully, enough peripherals for everyone to enjoy. It would make a world of difference with games like Mario Tennis, racing games like Ridge Racer 64 and several others. Of course, we can only dare to dream about Goldeneye 007, though Perfect Dark seems a likely candidate instead.

The article initially said that the announcement could happen later this month with its own Direct, with a possible tease at the end of today. However, Gaming Intel has since updated the piece, noting that the announcement will happen today. So we’ll have to see what Nintendo has in mind. If it did make an announcement, it would certainly steal a lot of thunder from Sony’s PlayStation Classic, which is set to arrive next month.

Still, it looks like the company is finally ready to move forward on an announcement to, at the very least, get the hype building up. We probably won’t see any sort of game lineup for it -- at least, not yet -- but we’ll get an idea of its existence and then see where it goes from there. Or, hey, maybe we’ll get everything today.


We’ll let you know what gets revealed with the system following the conclusion of the Smash special. Keep your eyes open here for all the latest details.

(Thanks to Gaming Intel for the deets!)