Nintendo 64 Was The Hottest Selling Item This Holiday, According To Vintage Retailers


2017 definitely was a year for fellow nostalgic gamers. Between the SNES and NES Classics, and countless other renditions to help us relive some of our favourite memories, it's no surprise that the N64 was the hottest item to grab this holiday season among vintage game resellers.

Many stores of this particular specialty have been reporting that this was the year of the N64 across both in-store shopping, and online. Many of these sellers told Kotaku that for months leading up to the crest of holiday goodness brought the Nintendo 64 into the spotlight in a big way.

Daniel Mastin, general manager of a local NYC gaming store, had this to say during their interview:

"We easily sold over a hundred. This was the best year for the 64 to date. That generation of gamer is getting older and has more disposable income, they want to relive their childhood and have an extra $50 laying around."

Even though the original system made its grand debut back in 1996, this system is still hailed for its unique mechanical properties and maintains its status as technological breakthrough for its time. The shift into 3D was one that gamers all over the world couldn't get enough of and even though the PlayStation outsold it - that couldn't keep the beloved system from still being a rapid success. Even more so when you look back at some of the outstanding titles that game from the system, including Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007, and the many racing and Legend of Zelda games that many of us tanked hours into (looking at you, Cruisin' World).


According to this report, the standard grey model was by far the most popular, simply because it's cheaper and more accessible. That being said, the more colourful options, like the ones seen above, were definitely a huge hit as well. Regardless of preference, it's great to see these older systems continue to get love. Gaming has come a long way since their humble beginnings. As the graphics and technological leaps continue to grow, sometimes it's nice to go back to our roots and enjoy those titles that supplied us with those warm and fuzzy memories (unless you took the golden gun in Goldeneye, then I hate you).