ARMS Version 5.0 Update Introduces Dr. Coyle, Adds 3 New ARMS & More

(Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo's latest update to it's rather unique fighting game, ARMS, is packed with great content, and comes with an all-new character. Known as Dr. Coyle, the character comes off as something of a mad scientist. But don't underestimate her cackling and wild looks -- she's in total control, apparently, and is a power hitter with a few tricks up her nonexistent sleeve. Along with Dr. Coyle, her new stage, titled "[NAME REDACTED]" has been made available. Check out her trailer below:

According to the Nintendo blog, Dr. Coyle's fighting style includes abilities like "a spurt of invisibility after guarding, an extra ARM attack that appears after charging, and the ability to punch, dash, and block while levitating in the air."

The patch comes with a new stage, as well as three new arms, and some adjustments to how characters play in order to even out the battle field when players face off. Here are some of the biggest new updates:

  • New ARM “Lokjaw” added.
  • New ARM “Parabola” added.
  • New ARM “Brrchuk” added.
  • New stage [NAME REDACTED] added.
  • For Grand Prix LV6 and lower, the computer will now get stronger as you get deeper into the Grand Prix.
  • For Grand Prix LV7, the computer will start out strong right from the first match, as usual.
  • You can now view stats from previous Party Crash events in “Stats.”
  • Added new badges related to Dr. Coyle.
  • Fixed issue in online play where the healing area created by HP Juice would sometimes shift position.

Aside from this, a few bugs have been fixed when it comes to how certain characters play; Lola Pop's charges now persist longer, Scorpio has been given increased retraction speed, Glusher has been given an increased expansion rate of charge attacks, and those are just a few examples of what's been tidied up in the game.

ARMS is out now and available for the Nintendo Switch.