Nintendo Direct January Date Reportedly Leaked


When an Electronic Arts document accidentally made its rounds back in November, one of the key pieces of information found was that the Big N had a hefty Nintendo Direct planned for January. Now January is here, and Nintendo fans are getting pretty antsy about what the first reveal of the new year could bring, and when it's actually taken place. Previous reports stated January 3rd, but now it looks like that might have been a little too soon for what they have planned.

One ResetEra user thinks he has the date nailed down, and the site staff has confirmed that his source is reliable. ResetEra's John Harker's original claims were also backed up by Emlily Rogers, also known as ArcadeGirl64. According to their "verified" info, the first Nintendo Direct of the year will be held on January 11th. What makes this claim a little fishy is that Harker backtracked a little stating that a delay was possible, which makes it to where if it doesn't happen on the 11th - he wouldn't be held accountable for sharing wrong information - or being accused of lying outright.

Though there does seem to be some validity his statement, and the statement of his peers, it is important to take reports like this with a grain of salt. Until Nintnedo themselves confirms the date, or there is undeniable proof, the date has yet to be confirmed. As far as what we hope to see from the upcoming direct, which we do at least know is coming this January, many fans are hoping to see some Virtual Console news finally, as well as that new Nintendo Switch Pokemon game that keeps making its rounds in the rumor web.


For now, we wait. At least we know it won't be the original 3rd date. Nintendo likes to cut it close, but next day seems pretty extreme - even for them.