Nintendo Direct Parodied With "Chex Mix Direct" Announcement

Earlier today, a new Nintendo Direct presentation was revealed, and it has social media buzzing about the potential Nintendo Switch announcements to come. Chex Mix couldn't help but get in on the hype with its own fake announcement: a direct presentation lasting just as long as Nintendo's! According to Chex Mix, the presentation will feature 50 minutes of Breath of the Wild 2 footage, which will feature Link eating the popular snack the entire time. Of course, the whole thing is just meant to be a parody, as the presentation is scheduled to take place on the non-existent date "February 30th."

The teaser from Chex Mix can be found embedded below.

The whole thing is probably just Chex Mix's fun attempt to gain attention following today's Nintendo Direct announcement, but there's always the slight chance that it could be something more. Last year saw Chex Quest HD arrive on Steam, a re-release of a game that began life as a cereal box giveaway back in 1996. The game used the original Doom engine, and gained a cult status over the years. Chex Quest's HD re-release was big enough that it even got its own special edition physical option from Limited Run Games. Strange as it might seem, that would make Chex Quest HD a potential candidate for a Nintendo Switch release, but any kind of announcement would be highly unlikely during a Direct presentation!

Regardless, the success of Chex Mix's Tweet says a lot about the cultural impact Nintendo Direct presentations have had; the hype is so big that brands are more than willing to get in on the fun. It's been more than a year since Nintendo released a full-length Direct presentation, and fans across social media have been begging the company to release a new one. It remains to be seen whether or not Nintendo can deliver on that kind of hype, but fans are very excited to find out what the future holds for Nintendo Switch. With tomorrow's video lasting 50 minutes, viewers can likely expect to see a lot of announcements and reveals, in any case!

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