Nintendo Earnings Report Shows Astounding Nintendo Switch Sales, Games Sales

Nintendo has published its earnings report for the financial quarter that ended on June 30. As you [...]

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Nintendo has published its earnings report for the financial quarter that ended on June 30. As you might have guessed, things are looking pretty stellar with Nintendo Switch sales and software sales at phenomenal highs. As of June 30, Nintendo has sold roughly 4.7 million Nintendo Switches, which means that, by now, that number has most certainly surpassed 5 million. This means that the Switch is obviously pacing ahead of the Wii U by a large margin, and even pacing ahead of the Nintendo 3DS in its opening months.

What's especially interesting to note is that the PlayStation 4, which has been out for almost four years, just recently surpassed 5 units sold in Japan. I understand that it's not fair to compare worldwide sales of one console to sales in a single country for another console; then again, we're also comparing a console that has been out for four months and a console that has been our for years. It's just interesting. Console gaming is definitely in trouble in Japan, but the Nintendo Switch's hybrid handheld nature makes is incredibly appealing for Eastern gamers.

Software sales for the Nintendo Switch were just as impressive. Attach rates are sky high, and Breath of the Wild is on almost every single Switch out there. The report indicates almost 4 million copies of Breath of the Wild have been sold so far, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn't too far behind with 3.5 million copies sold. It's a shame we can't see Splatoon 2's opening numbers quite yet, but in October we're sure they'll be looking great.

ARMS turned out to be a big hit, especially for a brand new IP. It's already sold almost 1.2 million copies, which is incredible considering how niche it is. ARMS is one of those games that you can't truly understand until you get your hands on it and start playing, so the fact that it already surpassed the million-sold milestone is phenomenal; there's plenty of free DLC coming down the pipeline that will make it an appealing stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Things are looking up for Nintendo, and I think we're seeing the dawning of another golden age for this industry innovator.