Nintendo Applies For New ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ and ‘Metroid Other M’ Trademarks

Nintendo is a company that’s always capable of surprise. Consider its recent reveals during the [...]

Nintendo is a company that's always capable of surprise. Consider its recent reveals during the Game Awards last week for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 and Persona 5's Joker coming to Super Smash Bros. It's that kind of thinking that has us wondering...what other surprises could the company be planning?

Super Mario

A new report suggests that a pair of Wii classics could be coming back around soon. Japanese Nintendo has noted that two new trademarks have been filed for the Wii releases Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Other M, with this note attached:

"Nintendo Co., Ltd. has applied for a Super Mario Galaxy (and Metroid Other M) trademark in Japan for purposes including 'video game program', 'downloadable video game program', and 'program for smartphone'."

That's not to say that the company is going to announce these games tomorrow (well, maybe). But there could be something on its agenda, especially considering the popularity of both titles.

Super Mario Galaxy did extremely well when it released in 2007, selling 12.78 million copies. It also resurfaced earlier this year as an exclusive release for the Nvidia Shield in remastered high-definition. Though the deal was for China only, there's a chance that Nintendo might be doing a similar transfer for the Nintendo Switch. It would certainly make use of the Joy-Con motion controllers, as well as supporting handheld and Pro Controller play.

Metroid Other M released in 2010, and though it was not as critically acclaimed as the Metroid Prime games, it did develop an interesting cult following. We've heard rumors that Metroid Prime Trilogy was coming to Nintendo Switch, so Nintendo might consider a release of Other M to go along with it in the hopes of hyping up Metroid Prime 4 whenever it debuts.

Some folks may have noticed that the trademark listings also includes a mention of smartphones, though it's unlikely these games will make their way to that format. You never can tell, though -- the company's recent mobile releases have been doing great so it might choose to experiment in the future.

For now, keep those fingers crossed. We may be getting some Wii classics on the Switch sooner rather than later.

You can check out the original Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Other M on Nintendo Wii.

(Hat tip to Nintendo Life for the scoop!)