Paper Mario The Origami King Easter Egg Could Hint at Nintendo's Big N64 Plans

Paper Mario: The Origami King’s sneakiest Easter Egg could hint at Nintendo’s big N64 plans later this year. The Internet was torn asunder this morning when the company unveiled the latest Paper Mario title. In the reveal trailer, there was some game footage of the new adventure that fans have already started to sift through voraciously. One detail needs to be zeroed in on though, the release date of the trailer could be a clue for what’s coming next. Basically, today is May 14th and the game comes out on July 17th. Now, that may seem like an arbitrary observation, but when you count the days until release, everything becomes clear. That’s right, it’s exactly 64 days until the game hits digital shelves.

Even more intriguing to fans of the Mario series is how this lines up with some pretty potent rumors about Nintendo’s plans for later this year. VGC’s earlier report talked about a number of back-catalog Mario games that were expected to release this year on the Switch. Andy Robinson actually named Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D World, and a bunch of other remasters as the ones that are coming. Well, what’s still arguably the most beloved 3D Mario of all-time? Super Mario 64, the game that launched a thousand lovable block 3D platformers generations ago.

Making this whole theory especially spicy is the fact that VGC’s report also alleged that a new Paper Mario game was on deck for release, and many people started to cast doubt on that fact. Well, today’s revelations have many thinking about that previous batch of information in a very different light now. If they were right about Paper Mario: The Origami King, could all the rest of those Mario games be following close behind? In 2020, if the beginning of this year is any indication, anything is possible. Now, that isn’t to say that those 3D Marios are coming without any sort of doubt at all.

We’ve all seen time and again the process of a rumor getting named on the Internet and being proven half-right. (Anyone remember that StarFox racing game rumor from a while back that was probably just Starlink: Battle for Atlas?) Well, hopefully, there’s at least a bit of truth to this one as well. Releasing the trailer exactly 64 days in advance doesn’t seem like it’s random. But, hey who knows? At any rate, Nintendo’s year just got a whole lot more interesting because a giant title got revealed basically out of the blue. There could be other surprises waiting, but will any of them have us put on the wing cap again? That’s the real question.

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