Nintendo Should Bring Punch-Out!! Wii To The Nintendo Switch, And Here’s Why

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine years since we’ve gotten a new entry in the [...]

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It's hard to believe that it's been nine years since we've gotten a new entry in the Punch-Out!! series, with the last entry making an incredible impact on the Nintendo Wii. That's because the team at Next Level Games did a superb job presenting a new Punch-Out!! experience to the system, while keeping the fundamentals we've come to expect from the series completely intact.

So asking for a new version to come to the Nintendo Switch would be an expected request. But even if we don't get a brand new game, there's an alternative option for Nintendo to consider – a port of the Wii game.

While that wouldn't entirely strike new ground, it would make for an ideal experience for the Switch – and there are several reasons why it would work.

It's Still a Terrific Game Wth Various Control Options

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Even if Next Level Games didn't change the gameplay much at all, Punch-Out!! would be a great experience for Nintendo's latest system. It's still fun to play, and, again, really captures the old-school nature of what made the original Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!! work so well.

And, on top of that, the different control schemes that worked so well for Wii could do the same on Switch, including motion-based set-up with the JoyCons, traditional controls for those that prefer it, and even a smaller JoyCon, for those that want to take part in two-player match-ups. So, see? Everything would still work with the Switch, without missing a beat.

People Still Love Punch-Out!!

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Even though the series hasn't seen a strong string of releases like Mario and Zelda has over the years, Punch-Out!! remains a favorite amongst Nintendo fans, and releasing a version of Punch-Out!! for the Switch would make the name relevant again. And even if it is just a port of the Wii version, it would raise awareness for the brand, and give the publisher an idea of what they could incorporate into a new game down the road.

Two-Player Would Be A Lot of Fun

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Having a two-player option in games these days is pretty neat – even for the Nintendo Switch. And having such an option in Punch-Out!! would be a lot of fun, as players could come out swinging against one another in two-player action, either on a portable screen, or against one another on the big-screen.

For that matter, maybe Nintendo could even incorporate online play and the ability to play as different boxers in the game to add a little bit of variety. Such a move would be a good one for the game – and a possible introduction to the company's forthcoming online service.

There's Room For New Content

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Punch-Out!! for Wii is already loaded with a great deal of content, including bonus boxers like Donkey Kong to go up against. But why stop there? While porting the game to the new hardware, Next Level Games could easily add more combatants, and possibly even additional challengers to keep people on their toes. Imagine going up against someone from the ARMS line-up. Or, for that matter, maybe even Cranky Kong, who would come out swinging his cane at his opponents like it was going out of style. Hey, an old ape has to defend himself somehow, right?

It Would Add To a Stellar Nintendo Line-Up

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Nintendo has a terrific mix of old and new games right now, and that seems to be what fans of the company want the most. Look at what it has announced thus far – a new Kirby game, a new Bayonetta game, and a new Metroid Prime game, combined with ports of classics like Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and the first two Bayonetta games. Punch-Out! could fit anywhere in there, adding even more variety – and possibly opening the door for other Wii games to get the HD treatment on the Switch. Imagine how beautiful Kirby's Epic Yarn would look on the system. Or, for that matter, a high-def Super Mario Galaxy collection. Yes, we want.

You can check out the original Punch-Out!! for Nintendo Wii now, or download it on the