Nintendo Reveals Surprise Indie Showcase, New Games Announced

Nintendo released a huge indie game showcase out of nowhere, and it came packed with game [...]

Nintendo released a huge indie game showcase out of nowhere, and it came packed with game launches, game reveals, and game updates! We're talking almost half an hour of megaton news bombs dropped on Nintendo Switch owners, and we loved every moment of it! You can watch the full presentation for yourselves above, and we'll have some highlights for you right here.

First of all, the insane third-person shooter Morphies Law, which we've been waiting so long for, is launching today! The game will be activated tonight at 7PM Central, so don't miss this chance to dive in and start honing your skills. It was also revealed that Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition and Bad North will also be launching today because, you know, we don't need money for rent or groceries or anything.

The real news, though, is that we're getting another Windjammers game. Yes, Windjammers 2 is real, and we were given a short but sweet reveal trailer during the presentation! We didn't see any gameplay unfortunately, but we don't need to. If they at least make par and craft something that's as fun as the original, we'll be satisfied. If they somehow manage to improve upon the already-perfect gameplay and offer up the game with fantastic netcode, even better. We can't wait to get our hands on this one, and if you haven't played the original Windjammers, you have to check it out when it launches later this year.

There are many more games covered in the presentation that you should be excited for (like Slay the Spire and Everspace), but Nintendo made a point this morning in its press release to highlight some indie games that are available right now for you to try. Here's their roundup:

  • Indie publisher Devolver Digital has been launching multiple games on Nintendo Switch this summer – or as the hip kids are saying on social media, the #SummerofDevolver. To close out the summer, Broforce fist bumps its way to Nintendo Switch on Sept. 6, while The Messenger delivers its slick 8- and 16-bit action on Aug. 30.

  • People love Hollow Knight. And now people are about to get even more Hollow Knight! Hollow Knight – Godmaster, the upcoming free content pack that adds more bosses, music and quests, launches on Aug. 23. (The full game is required to access the DLC.)

  • You don't need to roll a 20-side die to get the free update for Enter the Gungeon. You just have to download it! The currently available "Advanced Gungeons and Draguns" expansion adds hundreds of new rooms with dozens of new weapons, items, enemies and ammo types. (The full game is required to access the DLC.)

  • If your Nintendo Switch backlog is not already long enough, some recent notable indie launches on Nintendo Switch include Overcooked! 2 from Team17, Dead Cells from Motion Twin, Minit from Devolver Digital, Salt and Sanctuary from Ska Studios and Flipping Death from Zoink Games.