Big Nintendo Switch Game Reportedly Cancelled [UPDATE]

Update: Bethesda has revealed that DOOM Eternal on Switch has not been cancelled, however, the physical release has been scrapped, and now it will be a digital-only launch.

Original: A big Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game has reportedly been canned. According to a new report, GameStop has been alerting its customers and issuing refunds for all that purchased one of this year's biggest releases for the Switch and Switch Lite, and that release is DOOM Eternal, which debuted back in March via the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. At the moment of publishing, the report hasn't been validated by any of the three implicated parties -- GameStop, Bethesda, or Nintendo -- but multiple reports have surfaced.

The most notable of these reports comes way of Spawn Wave, which notes that "GameStop has been informed that DOOM Eternal on Switch has been canceled." Adding to this, the report notes that it's possible that this could be either the original SKU was canceled or the game could simply be a digital-only release now.

As noted, this isn't the only report relaying this news. Over the course of the day, multiple reports from different users have found their way on Twitter.

As noted, no official party has confirmed these reports, so, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt until more and official information is provided. That said, when and if this information is provided, we will update the story accordingly. As for DOOM Eternal, officially, it's still in development for Switch and Switch Lite, but there's been no word of a release date.


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