Nintendo Switch Online Store Reveals New Switch Skins

The Nintendo Online store has revealed new Nintendo Switch skins, featuring designs and characters from Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and more. In addition to some of Nintendo's most established IP and characters, there's also representation for its newer games and newer characters from the likes of Splatoon and Animal Crossing, the latter of which has been around for a while but has taken off in a massive way since this year's release of New Horizons.

For just $20, Nintendo Switch owners can cop a skin for the Switch, a skin for the console's dock, a skin for the Joy-Con controllers, and a screen protector. $20 may seem steep here, but it's actually in-line with third-party options.

According to Nintendo, the skins are made in the USA and made with "premium 3M materials," and they've been independently tested and approved. Nintendo further notes that all skins are easy to apply, and don't leave behind a sticky residue when removed, which in turn makes them easier to remove.

Beyond this, the product page for each also notes each is authentic and officially licensed, scratch-resistant, precision fit, and that none of them interfere with buttons or sensors.

nintendo switch skins

To check out these new and old Switch skins, click here. Right now, each is full price, and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, it may be wise to hold off on a purchase, however, it's not often these specific products go on sale.

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H/T, Nintendo Everything.