Nintendo Switch Update Makes Mysterious Changes to Joy-Con Controllers

A new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite update has made some mysterious changes to the Joy-Con controllers. More specifically, Nintendo has pushed a new Nintendo Switch firmware update, which includes an update to the console's controllers. However, Nintendo doesn't specify what these changes are, suggesting they are either minute enough that they aren't worth mentioning or Nintendo is up to something. Chances are it's the former.

It's also possible it's neither, but simply another example of Nintendo's frustrating tendency not to communicate the finer details of its Switch updates. In fact, Nintendo doesn't specify anything when it comes to the new 10.1.0 update it pushed last night, which did something to the console, but for now, it's unclear what it did.

That said, to update your controllers, you will need to navigate your way to system settings. From here, click on the "Controllers and Sensors" section. Once you do this, you should see an option to "Update Controllers." Click that. And that's it.

At the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not announced or commented on the update to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, and at this point, it's unlikely it will provide any more information about the matter. If it wanted to provide the finer details of the update, it would have. Not only is Nintendo reserved when it comes to providing details on what changes it's making to the Switch, but it's not known to track back on its silence with additional information later.

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H/T, Nintendo Everything.