GameStop Leaks Unannounced Nintendo Switch Games

GameStop has reportedly leaked a slew of unannounced Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite games, something it has done on multiple occasions in the past. More specifically, an unverified image taken of GameStop's internal database has begun to make the rounds within the Nintendo community for the four mystery Switch games it lists. Unfortunately, this apparent database leak doesn't reveal what any of these games are, but it does note all are coming to the platform by December 31 and with a $60 price point, suggesting they are meatier, AAA releases.

Typically, these types of database updates and leaks surface when a Nintendo Direct is on the horizon. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word from Nintendo about any Nintendo Directs. In fact, there have been a few reports suggesting we won't be seeing a new Nintendo Direct for awhile.

However, there have also been some rumblings that a new Nintendo Direct is happening later this month. And it's possible this leak lends credence to this.

Of course, everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official, and even if the implications are correct, they are also subject to change.


At the moment of publishing, neither Nintendo nor GameStop have commented on this leak, and it's unlikely either party will. Neither are known to comment on leaks or anything of the unofficial variety.

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